About Me

This is the personal page of Ben Willemsen (aka DrClaw). Here you will find random musings and sets that I have recorded along the way during my journey in the world of Trance.

My first introduction to Trance music was back in the late 90’s – studying at Uni involved many late nights typing away on the computer, and invariably some background music was playing just to break the silence. During the wee hours of the morning on TripleJ, invariably there was less and less talk, and more and more music. Every now and then they’d play some Trance, and I guess that’s where I first got hooked – the build ups, the break downs, the goose bumps running up and down your arms… nothing quite compares to a good set.

During the next few years my exposure to Trance only increased – thanks in no small part to the growth of the internet, getting access to live sets and recordings from around the world was much easier. Some of my friends had started going to these Hard Dance “club” things, so one week I tagged along to see what the fuss was about. One Friday night I rocked up to Hard Kandy with my mates, and was literally blown away – the lasers, the beats, the people, the atmosphere… it was magical.

Over the next 10 years I became a regular at Kandy, and invariably after having a few drinks would start speculating that DJ’ing can’t be all that hard and that one day we should learn.

Eventually my friends all chipped in and got me a set of HD 25’s for my birthday, and my girlfriend got me a gift certificate for a 6 week DJ course at DMC Records. Armed with my headphones and a set of SL1200’s on permanent loan from a friend, I took my first tentative steps into the wonderful world of beat matching, pitch adjustment, cross faders and flange abuse 🙂

About a year later, after much deliberation, I picked up a set of CDJ-900’s so I could go fully digital – coupled with a DJM 800 I was now set, and had no more excuses 😉

As DJ’ing is more of a hobby and an outlet, I don’t do any gigs or anything – it’s more a matter of having a fun at house parties and when random guests appear. It’s always heaps of fun to just jump up behind the decks, throw a few tracks together and just see what happens.