The sets I have listed here are usually recorded on my gear, and that is as follows :

2x SL1200 MK5 turntables (110V models)

The old industry favourite, these things are magical turntables. They’re great fun to use – given the choice I will usually bust out a track on vinyl before MP3 – you just can’t beat the feel of a record on the decks. Currently they’ve got Ortofon Pro S cartridges in them – haven’t had any issues, and they styluses aren’t breaking the bank at this stage 🙂

2x CDJ-900 turntables

As much as I love my vinyl, these things are fucking amazing. You just can’t beat the speed of buying a track, importing it into Rekordbox, and just “Dragging and Dropping” it onto your CDJ and having it ready to play. Jumping immediately to saved cue points is also handy (especially after a few drinks), and probably my favourite feature of all is the automatic saving of the tracklist you’ve played… so when you can’t remember the 5th track you dropped in that set you just did, you can just scroll back and double check… magical 🙂

DJM 800 Mixer

The old favourite… nuff said.

HD-25 Headphones

These are great headphones, pretty much everyone uses them, they’re easy to get bits for if something breaks, and they sound amazing.

Tascam DR-2D digital recorder

Initially I started off recording all my sets straight to my laptop, but that had a few issues :

  • the line in on my laptop was really a microphone input, and had unalterable gain settings that invariably led to distortion during recording
  • A decent external USB soundcard that would be able to produce decent recordings was going to set me back at least $150
  • You have to have your laptop running whenever you want to record something

After a bit of poking around, I ran across this little baby. It’s a portable self-contained recorder that records directly to SD card, has gain / peak displays, and most important of all, has the ability to record 2 streams at once at different levels, so you can have a second stream say 6dB lower. If for whatever reason someone cranks up the levels and your first stream clips, the second will be ok… awesome 🙂